Das Deutsch Wagon Enthusiasts Dream Auto

While scouring Ebay for fake intercooler kits and 99 cent turbo kits, I stumbled upon this gem. Behold a brand new 23K Mile 1979 Mercedes 240D with a twist. Starting life out as a 4 speed with the bulletproof but lethargic OM616 4 cylinder with 64HP, the owner decided to spice things up with a little more power. At 18K its tiny heart was ripped out in favor of a super diesel. With a brand new Getrag 5 speed mated to the world famous Mercedes clanker OM617 I5 Turbo Diesel with 0 miles, this car is setup to reliably to the next galaxy and back or another 200 years, which ever comes first.

For those that are not familiar, the OM617 Turbo Diesel engine was a product of millions of dollars of R&D by Mercedes’ part to produce the most reliable and overengineered

civilian diesel engine money could buy, and boy they were über successful. Produced from 1974-1986, this engine has been touted as the most reliable engine ever produced by any manufacturer.Although its 125 HP figure does not sound impressive, it has gobs of torque to overcome that and with plethora of documented cases where the 1 million mile mark has been reached, breaking down is not something you’ll have to worry about while during a burnout. After speaking with many engine builders, many indicate that the factory cylinder hone marks can still be visible after 500K. That is one hell of an engine.

With a crisp paint job, extremely low miles and great exterior bits, this car will surely turn heads. The best part is its located right in the the giant hand of USA, good ole Michigan.

For more pics and info check out the eBay listing.


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