18 Years Since The World Lost Its Greatest Driver

If you haven’t heard the name, then you probably have not witnessed what amazing skill Ayrton Senna had behind the wheel of any car. Of the 209 documented races he raced in, he won 90 of them, secured 139 podiums, 97 pole positions and 66 fastest laps. He basically won 40% of the time compared to Michael Schumacher with 32% or Tom Kristensen at 16%. He won almost every wet race he was in and won the World Drivers Championship 3 times.

On an unfortunately already dark 1994 Imola race weekend with the death of Roland Ratzenberger dieing from an accident during qulalifying, Senna lost his life when his car lost grip for unknown reasons and ended in the wall at Imola, colliding with it at over 130 MPH. He was pronounced dead several hours later in a nearby hospital. Ill let the blokes at Top Gear tell the whole story. Words cannot really describe Ayrton.