Ron Howard’s Film ‘Rush’ In Post-Production

When asked about favorite moments in Formula 1 to an F1 fan, the responses spread from all periods of the past especially throughout the better half of the 20th century where racing transformed into a serious sport. Unfortunately as time progresses forward, these people that were there to remember the battles, rivalries, and history of Formula 1 gradually fade away as newer generations proceed the them. Fortunately for us and the world, acclaimed film director Ron Howard has undertaken the project of recreating and preserving the story of an epic rivalry that rippled the Formula 1 World Championship in 1976 between Niki Lauda and James Hunt. The story includes speed, fire, near death situations, and triumph in what would go down in on history as one of the greatest rivalries the sport has ever seen. Continue reading to catch a sneak peak of ‘Rush’ coming out in 2013.

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Good Riddance To Blown Exhausts in F1

Blown exhausts have been outlawed in Formula 1 for the 2012 season. Blow exhausts have added a large competitive advantage to teams with higher budgets and allowing some cars to be faster by up to one second per lap. It works by altering the fuel and ignition mapping upon downshift to blow the incredible amounts exhaust gas an F1 engine expels upon downshifting. Continue reading “Good Riddance To Blown Exhausts in F1” »